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Anesthesia & Safety

  • For the safety and health of all our patients, we require that vaccines are up to date at the time of the procedure.
  • If any fleas are found on your pet they will be treated, at your cost. This is to prevent any fleas from entering the surgical site or being transferred to other patients.
  • It is important that surgery be done on an empty stomach to reduce the risk of aspirating any vomit while anesthetized. NEVER withhold food or water from a rabbit for any period of time because their gut needs to be in constant motion and they are incapable of vomiting.
  • All patients will receive a physical exam before they are given any anesthetic.
  • We sedate/anesthetize our patients with regard to their procedure, age, and health condition. There is no "one fits all" when it comes to safety.
  • Fully anesthetized patients are intubated to maintain an open airway and avoid aspiration. They also receive an intravenous (IV) catheter to maintain fluids during surgery as well as to have open access in case we would need to get emergency medications to your pet quickly and safely.
  • Your pet is monitored for respiratory rate, heart rate and rhythm, temperature, blood oxygen level, and blood pressure.
  • Depending on their size and temperature, patients will be recovered in an incubator, with heating discs, or in their cage (with blankets, of course). They are not left alone until they are able to swallow and are extubated.

Hours of Operation

Monday:    7am - 7pm
Tuesday:   7am - 7pm
Wednesday: 7am - 7pm
Thursday:  7am - 7pm
Friday:    7am - 7pm
Saturday:  7am - 4pm 
Sunday:    Closed

Appointments begin at 8 am

Phone: 614-267-3124
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596 Oakland Park Ave.
Columbus, OH 43214