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How do you fit and adjust a head collar?

Gentle Leader – Danny's Paw PrintsSo many people have been coming into the clinic with an ill fitted head collar (such as a Gentle Leader). Please ask us to adjust it for you or show you how to do it. Please note that the strap around the back of the head may SEEM too tight, but it is not. Your dog is not going to choke if it's properly adjusted. It puts pressure (not pain) on the back of the head, and this is what keeps the pet from pulling. Yes, they may follow you well because they know you and trust you, but they can easily get out of an ill fitted head collar and get in danger. Head collars are not muzzles - your dog can still eat, drink, and pant with it on.

How do you adjust a Gentle Leader head collar? Watch this video to find out! If you can't watch a video check out the written instructions with pictures


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The Knapp Veterinary Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, dedicates itself to clients and their companions by providing comprehensive, modern veterinary care in a professional environment.

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 ** If you are a new client or are bringing a new pet, you can save time at check-in if you fill out your paperwork online beforehand or print a copy to bring with you.

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